About the project


The Glenaladale deposit is one of the biggest mineral sands deposits in the world, with a JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) resource of 2.7Bt of heavy mineral. It is located about 250km east of Melbourne.

The Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project focuses on a high-grade area of the Glenaladale ore body in the Eastern part of the deposit about 20km northwest of Bairnsdale.

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Mineral Sands

Fingerboards 1

Mineral sands are ancient beach sands that contain concentrations of minerals including zircon, rutile and ilmenite (titanium minerals). Zircon is rare and one of the most valuable heavy mineral. They are used in a range of everyday products including tiles, paint, plastics, sunscreen and even in foodstuffs like lollies – food processors use mineral sands to produce bright glossy colours in sweets.

Zircon is mostly used in ceramics. The biggest use is in tiles, bathroom fixtures and tableware.

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