Technical studies

Seventeen specialist technical studies are being prepared to inform the Environment Effects Statement.

The studies are:

The EES Report will be based on the specialist studies, which are under regular review and refinement in an iterative process until the EES is completed. Several of the studies inform and are informed by the other studies.

We will publish an overview of each of the studies and their initial findings over the coming months and invite preliminary community feedback.

The full studies will not be available until the review process is completed, as they are subject to further change.

Formal public consultation processes will allow ample time for public review of the final EES Report and Technical Studies, when completed.

Technical Study Summaries

We have prepared a brief overview of each of the following Technical Studies and are seeking any initial feedback from the community.

The full Technical Studies will be available when the draft Environment Effects Statement is prepared by Kalbar and deemed suitable for public exhibition by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and Minister for Planning.

Click on the links below to read a summary of the background to each study, it’s scope and the initial findings.

Draft Technical Study – Cultural Heritage

Draft Technical Study – Soils

Draft Technical Study – Traffic & Transport

Draft Technical Study – Noise

Draft Technical Study – Radiation

Draft Technical Study – Landscape and Visual Impact

Additional Information Sheets will be available soon.

Do you have any questions about the scope of the studies and methodology being used?

Are there any other specific issues that you think the studies needs to address?

What additional information do you expect the studies to provide?

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