About the EES

The Minister for Planning has determined that the project requires preparation of an Environment Effects Statement (EES) under the Environment Effects Act 1978.

An EES is required for projects likely to have a significant impact on social, economic or environmental values. The EES provides information on the project including description of the project, assessment of relevant alternatives, description of the potential environmental impacts and discussion of management measures to mitigate these impacts.

The EES process

The EES process involves six major steps:

  • Scoping Requirements
  • Technical Studies
  • Impact Assessment
  • EES Report
  • Public Review
  • Minister’s Decision

The EES process includes opportunities for public comment on the draft Scoping Requirements and the final EES Report. The final EES Report is expected to be completed about the end of 2019. Public exhibition of the EES is likely to occur later in early 2020.

The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning’s website contains further information about the EES for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands project.