Comments and questions

Kalbar is committed to working with stakeholders to ensure:

  • affected communities and interested parties are informed about the project
  • their concerns are acknowledged and addressed

Kalbar commits:

  • to be transparent and timely in the provision of information
  • to engage stakeholders openly and honestly
  • to respect stakeholders and their views
  • to build trust in Kalbar through its actions

We have revised our stakeholder engagement strategy to addresses community concerns and feedback.

Engagement methods will include:

  • regular newsletter to update the community about our activities
  • information bulletins and fact sheets
  • information sessions to present information about the project to the community and receive feedback
  • drop-in sessions for community members to speak to Kalbar representatives
  • one-on-one meetings, briefings and forums for stakeholder groups including local businesses, government, organisations and community groups

This website will be kept up-to-date with the most recent project information.

Comments and questions

Please use this form to contact us with any questions or comments you have about our stakeholder engagement process.