Consultation to date

Kalbar is committed to keeping stakeholders informed about the project and its progress, addressing concerns and providing accurate and timely information.

Community Drop-in and Consultation Sessions – 11th September 2018 

Community Drop-in and Consultation Sessions were held on 11th September at the Kalbar Office in Bairnsdale and the Lindenow Hall.

These sessions enabled community members to speak to technical consultants and Kalbar staff face-to-face, hear presentations about the Technical Studies on Traffic & Transport and Noise, and ask questions of the technical consultants.

The two different formats allowed people to choose a consultation method that suited them.

The presentation provided at the evening session is provided below:

Presentation – Community Information and Consultation Session 11 September 2018

A brief summary of the Drop-in Session is provided below:

Notes of Community Drop-in Session – 11 September 2018

Detailed questions and answers from the evening consultation session are provided below:

Notes of Community Consultation Session – 11 September 2018

The questions asked by the community at the sessions will assist in further refinement of the Technical Studies to address community issues and concerns that were raised.

If you have any further questions or would like to provide any feedback on the draft Technical Reports, please contact us:

Phone: (03) 5152 3130

Freecall: 1800 791 396


Office: 48 Bailey Street, Bairnsdale

Community Information and Consultation Session – 17th July 2018

Approximately 80 community members attended the community information and consultation session at Lindenow Hall on 17th July 2018.

The advertised purpose of the session was to present a preliminary overview and initial findings of technical studies being undertaken as part of the Environment Effects Statement – Air Quality, Biodiversity, Socioeconomic and Agriculture – and seek initial community feedback on the studies.

The EES process and technical studies are not complete. This session provided an opportunity for the community to hear about some of the draft studies and provide valuable input that can be taken on board in finalising the investigations and impact assessments.

Feedback from the session, which will be taken on board in planning future sessions, included:

  • PowerPoint presentations were hard to read – this will be rectified in future sessions.
  • Hand-outs on the day containing information being presented would enable more informed discussion during the session – hand-outs of presentations will be made available at future sessions.
  • Not enough information was provided about detailed impacts of the project – the studies are not complete, but future sessions will discuss more comprehensive study results.
  • The session enabled participants to discuss issues and concerns with other community members and formulate responses and questions – we will use a similar format for future sessions so that everyone can participate.
  • Attendees were able to hear the same information at the same time – this is an important request that has been communicated after previous drop-in sessions.
  • Everyone was able to participate – the session allowed for a lot of discussion at tables and the Q&A session at the end of the session allowed for participants to share their views and questions.

Kalbar Resources acknowledges that community members want to see comprehensive, detailed information about the impacts of the project.

At this stage, some of this information is not available as the studies are incomplete. Information is being provided early in the EES process so that community feedback, questions, issues and concerns can be taken on board in completion of the studies and risk assessments.

This is in response to requests that information is provided progressively through the EES process, rather than waiting for all the technical studies to be finished. As a result, information provided will sometimes be incomplete and questions about the studies will require further investigation.

An overview of the session, including the Question and Answer session at the end of the evening, is provided at the link below:

Consultation Session – Overview and Notes of Q&A Session

The full combined presentation from the consultation session, including the Agenda, introductory information about the EES process and consultants’ presentations, is provided here:

Combined Presentation

Responses to the discussion and questions at each of the tables have been prepared and are provided below:

AIR QUALITY – Summary of Community Comment

BIODIVERSITY – Summary of Community Comment

SOCIOECONOMIC – Summary of Community Comment

AGRICULTURE – Summary of Community Comment

OTHER ISSUES – Summary of Community Comment

Kalbar Resources welcomes further feedback on the studies and will endeavour to answer any questions about the studies and the EES process. Please feel free to e-mail us using the contact form or e-mail:

We plan to conduct further community sessions to obtain feedback on additional EES studies.

Community Drop-In Information Session – April 2018

A drop-in information session was held on 17 April 2018 and attended by approximately 30 interested community members.

Attendees were able to spend time speaking with technical consultant who are preparing studies on: Cultural Heritage, Traffic and Transport, Noise and Radiation.

Kalbar Resources representatives were also available to discuss the project.

An overview of the session is provided here in the link below:

Community Drop-in Session April 2018

Community Drop-In Information Session – September 2017

About 50 community members attended a drop-in session with key State Government personnel, technical experts and Kalbar representatives to talk about the draft EES (Environment Effects Statement) Scoping Requirements and studies proposed for the Fingerboards Mineral Sands project.

Attendees appreciated the opportunity to talk about the scope of environmental, social and economic assessment required for the project and provide their input.

Community Information Session – June 2017

A Community Information Session, attended by about 80 people, was held on 14 June at Lindenow.

Notes and presentations from the session are provided here.

Notes of Community Information Session – June 2017

Q&As from Community Information Session – June 2017

DELWP presentation

Earth Resources Regulation Presentation

Community Survey results presentation – June 2017

The table below provides a summary of our consultation and engagement activities since we acquired the East Gippsland Heavy Mineral Sands project in 2014:

Summary of Community Engagement to date February 2019